Mudras: Connection at Your Fingertips

Mudras: Connection at Your Fingertips

Mudras are yoga positions for your hands and fingers. They can be practiced seated, standing, lying down, or walking. They are symbols of connection, and engage certain areas of the brain.

For today’s practice, try this simple mudra:

Place the thumb pad and index finger pad gently together and extend the other three fingers. Sit down and lay your hand on your knee or thigh in a relaxed way.

You could have the palms face up (as a gesture of receptivity) or palms facing down (for inward reflection).

Pause for a few minutes, breathe, and bring all your awareness to that soft connection between your thumb pad and finger pad.

In the practice of mudras, the index finger represents inspiration (energy from the outside) and the thumb represents intuition (energy from the inside).

To connect these two digits in this way is seen as a universal remedy for improving states of mental tension and disorder and promoting memory and concentration.


PS…Alternatively move the fingers with the breath in a Nyasa practice we did in the From Your Chair & Anywhere practice (around 27 minutes and 30 seconds in)


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