Thrive with Private Sessions

What is it that you see for yourself and yet you can’t quite reach by yourself?

You are the expert on your life. Sometimes you just need to work one-on-one with a dedicated ally to help you recalibrate your well-being and reach your goals.

I offer private sessions in nutrition and yoga (or both!)

Read “What they say” for a few testimonials from some of my clients.

Private nutrition and health coaching helps you to:
    • address the issues that affect your digestion to ensure proper absorption of nutrients
    • develop intuitive eating patterns and practices to make it easy for you to meal plan and consume all the nutrients you need
    • establish new habits and routines for self-care practices that will calm the mind
    • troubleshoot how to approach life events that disrupt your routines
    • learn realistic, sustainable ways to address the health issues you are working on, within the context of your lifestyle and family obligations.

You gain empowerment over your health to move forward with confidence and vitality.

We can work together to recalibrate your current path of health to address and integrate more effective lifestyle and eating habits.

Let’s schedule a quick 1:1 free video call to chat about what you need and how I can support you. (Prefer a good ol phone call instead of Zoom? Schedule that here.) 


Private yoga instruction provides individually tailored attention to:
    • deepen your existing yoga practice or develop your home practice
    • work on your alignment to ensure you are bearing weight effectively
    • address a specific health goal like recovering from an injury or practicing yoga for stress relief and better sleep
    • establish a foundation of understanding as a beginner to yoga before you attend public classes

Let’s schedule a quick 1:1 free call to chat about what you need and how I can support you. (This is also available as a semi-private session – you and a friend.) 


What they say