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Weekly Classes

I am currently teaching weekly classes virtually using Zoom, with some classes opening up for in-person. See schedule.


For my Square One Yoga classes – register here:

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Join me on Revel – a community designed exclusively for women over the age of 40 who want more in their next chapter. Aging honestly!

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I give occasional free workshops and am starting a weekly class on Thursdays for a $5 fee to practice yoga for our vital bones. Register in “Events” on Revel.

Sliding Scale Donation Classes:

> Yoga for Vital Bones class, get the link by signing up here: YOGA FOR VITAL BONES REGISTRATION

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> Ashtanga Flow class, get the link here

New Collaboration with Making Waves Studio!

I'm excited to announce a collaboration with Making Waves Studio here in Oakland, California. Making Waves Studio offers super fun, online/Zoom and in-person classes: Zumba - Dance - Yoga. My Wednesday Vital Bones yoga classes AND Saturday Ashtanga Flow classes are now part of the offering for their members! Join them and practice with me, too!

My Current Schedule:


10:00 to 11:00am Pacific

Yoga for Vital Bones
(Direct with me – SIGN UP here to get the link to join)

(on Zoom)


4:30 to 5:45pm Pacific

Slow Mindful Flow @ Square One Yoga Studio, El Cerrito

(on Zoom or in-person)


12:00pm to 12:55pm Pacific

(Starting May 12th)

Practicing Yoga for Our Vital Bones @ Revel

(on Zoom)


7:00 -8:00am Pacific

Moderate Mindful Flow @ Square One Yoga, online

(on Zoom)


10:30am to 12:00pm Pacific

Ashtanga Flow (Direct with me – SIGN UP here to learn how to join)

(on Zoom)


What’s down the road for you this year?

See also Online Learning below for a variety of self-paced, streaming courses you can take at your own pace.

Integrating Asana through Breath

June 4th 2:30pm-5pm

This workshop combines learning through practice, in-person assistance, and discussion.

Exploring the forward folding poses that predominate the Primary Series sequence of Ashtanga, we’ll investigate how to fully employ the whole spine by using the breathing techniques of Viniyoga.

Particular attention will be paid to experiencing and understanding the physical and vital energetic influences accessing the asanas through the breath.

This workshop will support and expand your ongoing practice.

In person 

At Just Yoga studio (827 Bancroft Way between 5th and 6th in Berkeley)

Studio requirements: Maximum capacity is 9 students to allow for social distancing. Windows are kept open for circulation. Must be vaccinated to attend.

Yoga for Our Vital Bones Workshop

Yoga Kula Studio, Berkeley, CA

In-person – or – online (your choice)
January 22nd 1pm – 2:30pm Pacific

Come to this workshop to learn about the benefits of yoga for your skeleton as you age and how to do yoga safely. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to do yoga for healthy aging. You will explore a variety of yoga asana and breathing practices to experience how our yoga practice nourishes our bones and when we nourish our bones, we nourish our bodies deeply.

This workshop is appropriate for all ages and levels of yoga experience. It is for anyone with a skeleton 😉 and is especially helpful for anyone diagnosed with or having a family history of low bone density or osteoporosis.

Yoga & Ayurveda for Resilient Bone Health

An afternoon retreat – in person

August 6th, 2022

Experience how the deep wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda can transform the health of your bones.

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Semi-Private Yoga Workshop Series

Personalized Guidance on How to Practice Yoga for Your Bones

Space is Limited to 3 students/series!

The next series is starting in April.
If you’re interested, please sign up below to get on the waiting list and I’ll be in touch.

Get more personalized guidance to help you practice Yoga for Vital Bones.

Join this interactive, semi-private class series – limited to 3 students.

Small group allows for special attention to meet your needs and answer all your questions.

What’s included:
– SIX live hour-long group lessons, which are also recorded for you to replay
– Weekly practice “homework”
– 30 minute 1:1 call with Mary Beth for personalized guidance

Series is $210

Here is what past participants have said about their experience:

The fact it was pre planned assured I participated during this time in my life. Mary Beth’s quiet embodiment as a basis for her teaching made it squarely land and stick. I learned some key things at a doable pace that I have incorporated into daily practice.

The most valuable aspect of this workshop was the “tone” that Mary Beth set & used. Very nurturing and emphasis on improving practice from where each student is.

“I really enjoyed the group. It’s wonderful to have the 1:1 attention without too much pressure of an actual private session.”

“The tiny little individual tips, whether to me or the others in the group, were so helpful. I was able to really see it when it’s somebody else vs. myself.”

“Six weeks was the perfect timeframe.”

Online Learning

Self-paced courses to suit your schedule