Here is some of that “useful, practical stuff you can put to use in your real life” that I love to share with you.

Fresh ingredients you can use to whip up your own life recipe.

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Develop Strength and Flexibility in Body and Mind


Can’t fit a yoga class into your schedule? Try one of the many Online Yoga resources. One option is: YOGA U Online Education for Every Body Lots of free stuff and information. Some classes to purchase as well.


Figuring out which yoga style you would like? This book by Megan McCrary, Pick Your Yoga Practice: Exploring and Understanding Different Styles of Yoga, covers all the current styles in exceptional detail.


Not interested in yoga but trying to get more movement into your life? Check out this wonderful woman, Katy Bowman, and her Move Your DNA mission:

Click here for more information


Get out in Nature


It’s scientifically proven to be healing. The Nature Fix by journalist Florence Williams is a fun, insightful read about all the health benefits behind forest bathing, bird songs, fractals, and aromatherapy.


Spend at least 5 hours a month out in nature – somewhere, somehow.


And if just can’t get outside – try this app: Nature Space  Beautiful recordings of lovely nature soundscapes – bird songs, babbling brooks, ocean waves, etc. I highly recommend it using headphones especially when flying on an airplane or sitting on a bus.




Here are some of my favorite recipes


Choose Quality for your Health


Think “Food First” but sometimes ya gotta supplement:


Get quality supplements that you can trust at 20% off retail price and free shipping on orders over $50 through Fullscript:

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Plan Your Life

My new favorite planner is a Passion Planner. It has the weeklong view of the calendar plus places to write down my goals and schedule out action steps. This exercise collates all my “to do’s” within the pages of this book so I don’t have a million notes scrolled with lists all over the place!  Get your Passion Planner here.



Fun Clothes

People always ask me where I get my yoga pants. Liquido Active! Watch out, their patterns change constantly. It is addicting.  (Teachers can apply for a discount program.)








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