Recalibration & Integration: 3 Months Coaching


Together we will recalibrate your current path of health to address and integrate more effective lifestyle and eating habits.

We begin with an initial 90 minute Functional Health Intake and Assessment to identify areas to work on that will have the greatest impact in the next 90 days to help you reach your health goals.

After the initial meeting, we establish a regular meeting time for these 3 months (~13 weeks) in which you set short-term goals and take action steps to succeed in meeting your ultimate goal. I’m there to hold you accountable to your desires.

I’m also available via text or email at any time if you have questions at the grocery store, or while cooking, or need assistance preparing for a doctor’s appointment or interpreting their instructions, or applying their recommendations effectively.

I keep you focused and not distracted or confused by all the conflicting information and suggestions from friends and strangers on the internet.

I understand the science and can translate it into plain English and explain it in a straightforward manner, and best of all can help you to convert it into your life in useful ways.

I listen to what matters to you, and offer practical tools, tips, insights, and we brainstorm ways to overcome any obstacles that get in your way.

We will be:

  • addressing any issues that affect your digestion to ensure proper absorption of nutrients
  • developing intuitive eating patterns and practices to make it easy for you to plan and create meals and consume all the nutrients you need
  • establishing new habits and routines for self-care practices that will calm the mind and body
  • troubleshooting how to approach life events that disrupt the routines
  • learning realistic ways to eat or supplement that address all the health issues that you are working on, within the context of your lifestyle and family obligations

Working together for these 3 months you will integrate health and wellness seamlessly into your life.

You gain empowerment over your health to move forward with confidence and vitality.

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“Mary Beth’s services meant so much more to me than just another opportunity to get my diet on track. I came to her with complaints of digestive issues, and left feeling that my soul had been nourished. She is artful in her ability to offer compassionate and informed guidance while holding space for the necessary modifications and changes that inevitably occur along one’s health journey. For those seeking positive holistic growth to their nutritional foundation, I strongly urge you in the direction of Mary Beth.” KF


“Mary Beth is an amazing functional nutritionist and healer. She has helped me approach food and nutrition in a very supportive and non-judgmental way. Her integrated coaching style is very concise and filled with great advice, references to timely articles, and helpful sharing of her own extensive knowledge of nutrition and healing therapies such as yoga. With her guidance, I have learned to easily incorporate great menu ideas, sound nutrition, and self-care into my busy schedule.” ~FC


“I’m in a mop up phase with the cancer. My last session of radiation is Wed. Yay! I’m experiencing deep empathy for microwaved chicken. All the wonderful care you took in teaching me the series is really paying off. You’ve given me so much help and so much great food for thought. It has sustained through this summer.” ~ MB


“Mary Beth is a very calming and supportive person – a good listener and so knowledgeable. I learned a lot! And was so surprised about the positive effect of the dietary changes.” ~ GM


“I loved the simple recipes that fit into my life style. Magical quinoa is my favorite and I make it every week. Your suggestions are practical and doable. You started from where I was rather than trying to make me over. You wanted to know what I wanted to work on and listened to my concerns.” ~ SP


“Mary Beth, You really helped me find my way through the confusing world of health. I appreciated you answering all my questions and concerns — researching and helping me decide on supplements, reviewing medical tests and really knowing you cared about me. The meditation was something new to me and I’m happy to report I look forward to it each morning. Right now, I’m on consecutive day 44. I’m feeling like “I’ve got this” thanks to you!” ~ JC